glitchTrak -Real Time Glitch Performer

Role : Audio Programmer


glitchTrak is a real-time glitch performance plug-in. It creates controlled glitches on selected samples. It is designed to be used with a GameTrak controller.

Performer can select the duration they want to loop on the sample. It can be a very tiny amount or a big chunk of the sample. Performer can slide the selected loop zone wherever they want inside the sample or extend it or shrink it. Performer has total control on the playback speed (perceived as pitch changes) and the amplitude. Moreover performer can jump between different samples at will (or constantly which is my favourite) by keeping the already set glitch duration.

Performance Video

I have created this plug-in as part of a collaborative live performance project in my MSc year. Our team has been given a video and we all have covered different aspects of the story. My role comes into play when people forcefully try to open the doors but not succeeding in doing so. I have decided to represent these events with error sounds and then the idea of glitch popped in.

Team Members:

Alex Galler
Andreas Miranda
Fabian Esqueda
Omer Okcuoglu