Mr Hoover in Stereoscopic 3D

Role : Director / Story / 3D Rigging / Audio Programmer

Link to 3D version. Please watch it on Side by Side mode. It is designed for 42" 3D TV’s with passive 3D glasses.
Youtube has currently dropped 3D support because of HTML5 issues.


Edinburgh Life in 3D Symposium - 2013


Mr. Hoover is a stereoscopic 3D animation collaborative project. I have ended up in a project directing role since I was contributing and overseeing story, storyboarding, 3D rigging, creating a sound library and sounds of the Hoover. Every sound Mr. Hoover makes has been performed live.

For Mr. Hoover's performance, I have developed [Foleyer].

Team Members:

Jingwen Du - Animator
Weilun Fu - Animator
Yezi Yang - Animator
Gavin Grealy - Composer
Yang Ding - Sound Designer
Xinyu Zhang - Sound Designer
Omer Okcuoglu - Sound Designer