Prowl - Game Audio Project

Role : Sound Designer / Game Audio Implementation


This is a game sound middleware project. The objective was to create an interactive environment with sound elements that can then be passed on to a game designer. FMOD was used as the middleware.

In the demonstration you can see the environment in FMOD Sandbox. Sandbox is not designed to map an environment in a visually easy to understand way. However, I took the the extra mile and shaped my story in an easy to understand visual map, so that you always know where you are and where to go.

[Download FMOD Instruction Sheet]


This is a comic book environment adaptation of The Transformers Chaos: Police Action. You can walk around as Prowl (the main character) and explore the area and interact with computers, prisoner, humans (as in stepping on them), objects, doors, spotlights and his fellow autobots. Also those grunt sounds in the background belong to the environment which is in fact a giant robot accommodating his comrades.